lets hear a big cheer for earthday.


Since Earthday began we have seen the price of oil increase by fifteen times, food riots everywhere because we are now burning our food in a criminally misguided bio-fuel effort instead of drilling out the oil we already have because we don't want the caribou (whose numbers increased in Alaska following that pipeline) to be upset. Millions of preventable malarial deaths every year because the mass murderer Rachel Carson felt bad for the little birdies in a discredited link with DDT. People losing property rights everywhere because of some insiginificant animal that IS IN DANGER OF GOING EXTINCT but probably lives in a lot of other places we do not even know about, or like the SPOTTED OWL are committing sui-genocide by inbreeding with other owls when they are not nesting comfortably in the K-MART sign.What a wonderous thing Earthday has become.