Airlines may bar 'dangerous' passengers: Canada rule proposal

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This is not on the topic of global warming but it was just so incredibly inane it had to be highlighted.]
Canada's airlines will have greater leeway to bar passengers who appear to be dangerous under a proposed rule change the Ministry of Transportation announced Saturday.

The new rule would "strengthen air operators' ability to protect the safety of all passengers and crew by refusing to board those who may represent a threat to that safety," the ministry said in a statement. "Previously we would just glare at them and let them on."

"The proposed regulatory amendment to the Canadian Aviation Regulations would deal with passengers whose words or actions could interfere with the safe operation of the aircraft and create an unintended hazard for the aircraft, its crew and its passengers," the statement said.

The rule would create four classes of threats. They are a) griping and complaining; b) loudly griping and complaining; c) complaining about someone else who was complaining; and d) acting like an asshole.

Current rules open airlines to lawsuits and place the burden on airlines to justify the refusal of service. a change in the statute will deprive passengers of the ritght to sue Canada if they die in a terrorist insitigated plane disaster.

The minister of Transportation, Sir Reginald Hyde-Bottom said "Now we can't be behaving like those damn Yanks south of us. All the lawsuits and other froufraw we have avoided so far should stayt there. Or in Vegas."

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