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For a change, and we are all in favor of "change" are we not, a serious look is needed at all the enviro-manmade global warming-green-save the whales - eco bullshit. The precipitator (which can also mean rain for those of you who believe in man-made global warming without a shred of science to back it) to this CRISIS of analysis is the fact that just so some inadequate, earth shoe wearing, left-wing air-head can feel good about themselves - PEOPLE ARE STARVING TO DEATH.

The rush to force minimum use of C2H5OH (or CH3-CH2-OH for those with a real education) for motor fuel exemplifies all that is wrong with the entire ecofreak religion.

1. It makes them feel good about themselves (mostly for being Oh, so caring)
2. It sounds good.
3. It is poorly thought out.
4. There is no thought for the economic impact involved in any way, make, shape or form
5. It has had a BAD result, often being exactly counter-productive
6. It solves a non-existent problem to which if it was a problem at all, other better solutions were available
7 The benefits do not correlate with the detriments. Simply put, those who suffer because of this are not getting any benefit from it and vice-versa. The left wing shit is never evenly distributed when it hits the fan of reality.
8. (Actually, this should actually be reason ZERO) it requires government compulsion, a large bureaucracy, makes things worse (ethanol production creates more CO2 than just burning gasoline) and reduces freedom for everyone.

The entire food to fuel program is like the Nicene Creed for the Church of Man-Made Global Warming The above factors exist in ALL actions taken by this type of mushy thinking, feel-good activist schemes. Look at the spotted owl circus of freaks. Realizing that they all of a sudden loved trees [2&1], the activists cynically used the spotted owl as a pretext to stop logging in areas where it was otherwise a mainstay industry for actual people[4]. So it enlists the Federal Government [8] to "shut em Down". [7] So what is the result? People out of work AND the spotted owls inter-breed with other owls [3 & 5] and Spotted Owls are discovered nesting in the "K" of a K-MART sign. [6]

Or the Animal Rescue gang that cleaned up the oil from a sea otter [1,2 & 3], released it into the jaws of an Orca.[5 & 7] One wonders if the otter might have been better off left alone. The point is, however, while the otter story is comical (if true) the fact of starving millions
for the feel good sensibilities of a few elitist do-gooders, is tragic. Are we seeing the "Carson Effect" again?

Rachel Carson was responsible for more deaths than Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot combined. As long as DDT is banned her tally will increase. I leave it as an exercise to the reader to note which of the above eight factors were at work when she started murdering the babies of the third world.