Conclusive (non-arguable) proof that global warming does not exist - or if it does (and we would really be surprised by that) no one can "prove" it.

In order to prove the existence of global warming, beyond the plethora of anecdotal stories and by those I mean"Gee, it really is hot today. And it was hot yesterday, tooMust mean tomorrow will be hot"and " I notice that I sweat more as I get older. The world must be warming up" one must resort to actual science. And from what I remember of science, it involved numbers. And measuring stuff. And writing it down.
Well. Some people have actually done that. Measured it and written it down. But, you have to be really, really careful when things get measured and written down because then you have numbers to play with. And that can lead to deception.

For example. I checked this out, and so can you. You may even remember this unless you are senile. Think about last August. It was HOT. Then think about last December. I froze my kiester off. But that is anecdotal.
So I checked the numbers that had been written down because I knew they were PROOF. And sure enough. The world, at least the part I was in, got a whole lot colder.
I know what you are saying. That is not fair. You only looked at a small sample of the data. You "cherrypicked" the data to suit your belief.
That may be true. And it would explain a lot, such as the extreme variability I found in the trends when I looked at the February to July data.
It just didn't make any sense. But I saw the flaw immediately. And here is how to correct it.

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