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So it looks like “manmade global warming” isn’t that big a deal after all. Even more important than the conclusion reached by an IMPORTANT scientist, as opposed to some highschool dropout celebrity, is the basis on which that conclusion is reached. To hear the eco-freak, tree-hugging, Goracle inspired enviro-radicals (which is not to be confused with a free radical which will make your telomeres fall off) ANY change in the temperature of the earth is a BAD thing.
But think about that for just a second. Doesn’t that mean that right now, just as they are, the current conditions on this planet are the BEST. Not just good, not even really good. But the best, Jerry, THE BEST! Like the 1931 Athletics (not yet in Oakland) or the Yankees in 1927, 1939, 1932, 1998, 1929, 1936-38, 1931 or 1928. But not in 2007, so far.
I do not even want to get into the process of how one even decides that conditions on something as large and varied as an entire freakin’ planet are the best. Best for who? Best ALL over. Or maybe best in some places but not quite best in others? Were these other people asked their opinion. Was ANYONE asked their opinion.
What criteria were used. How were the countervailing (Eskimos like it cold while Mexicans like it hot and some people like it Hot, Hot, Hot) considerations balanced. On the basis of population numbers? Tough, Eskimos. Not too many of you, now are there? Even if all the billion or so Chinese were asked, who the hell would know what they said unless they answered in English or French.
I am guessing that not one of the people who are screaming so loudly over “manmade global warming” asked ANYONE. When one is “right”, then by golly, one is “right”. Once they developed their consensus (as opposed to actually having scientific proof based on actual scientific method, measurements, etc...) the “case is closed”. “Not subject to dispute”. “An established fact”. My god, even Jacques Chirac insists that Kyoto be implemented.
But, science or no, the underlying arrogance of the position that “this is as good as it gets” is appalling.
Maybe this isn’t “as good as it gets. What if we try to “do something” (which is a dubious proposition in itself) and things get worse. Did you consider the lawsuit that would involve? If we just leave tings alone, there is no one to sue.