So. The Polar Bears are now "endangered" BECAUSE OF MMGW - Give me a break, The bears have been around since the frekin' Pleistocene and NOW they are endangered??? Get real. Sabre-tooth didn't make it. The Short Faced Bear didn't make it. Neither did the Mammoth, Mastodon, Great Elk, nNorth American Camel or Horse. In Europe the damn Neanderthals didn't make it. But guess who did??? Right. The POLAR BEAR.

You may safely ignore what you hear in the media. I need only point out that universally, the media led with the following head-line "Polar Bear Numbers in Decline!!!" OH! MY! GOD! but if you actually checked the data you find that out of the 19. Yeah. That's what I said. 19 regions for polar bears, there was a decline in 5. They also base that not on actual counts but . . .wait for it . . .wait for it . . .COMPUTER MODELS. In the other 14 areas they were iether increasing or staying the same.

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