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MARITIMUS, the King of the Polar Bears (at least the white ones. The brown ones are ruled by King Arctos) has SPOKEN.

"ALGOR. Shut up!. We will sue you if you do not stop causing global warming. It is only your constant yammering that has brought this curse upon us. You have caused Man Made Global Warming to take place. We have studied Solomon Asch and like his subjects (he was not really a King but he taught subjects and also had students we can refer to as subjects because he tested them) your followers are being misled to an intentionally incorrect premise.

The big difference here is that magically, as your erroneous unscientific drivel spreads it makes our ice melt. At least in the summmer time. Right now we are freesing our asses off. But anyway, STOP IT NOW. If you do not recant we will sue you seeking more than half of all the money you have swindled out of the people of the world. You have BEEN WARNED."