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Timing is Everything
To say that we must stabilize the temperature of the entire planet, letting it neither go up or go down, is to say about it that which was said by Goldilocks about the bowl of porridge. Just think about it. We are the luckiest people ever to live on this planet up until now, and probably until the end of time. We live here when the temperature is “just right.”
I do truly feel blessed, or rather I feel lucky because blessed has too many politically incorrect connotations to be used in an article about this topic, knowing this fact. And in a fit of exuberance, I sat down and gave it all some grateful reflection. And guess what. Up until the global warming cult told me this, I didn’t realize it. And more importantly, I realized that there was no way I could have ever realized it.
All my life the temperature has been changing. It changes from summer to winter. It changes from Month to month and day to day. It even, I realized with shock, changes from hour to hour.

I was reduced to a quivering mass of “just right porridge” when I realized that the temperature even changed when I went into the shade under my tree. Not only that, but it changed in ways that no sane person could put into a pattern, other than in the general Summer Fall Winter Spring way. By the way, wasn’t she a character on the Buffalo Bob TV show back in the fifties? Just another reason to be glad one is alive now.
The hard part thinking about this came when I realized that I had only been aware of the temperature for a bit over fifty years. Not being that egotistical, I knew that my own personal lifespan did not define the parameters. So I looked into it some more. And guess what I found out.
The temperature has been changing since there was a temperature. Sometimes up. Sometimes down. Sometimes slowly. Some times quickly. It has changed in all eras, epochs, and periods. It has changed in all places, both wet like the oceans, and dry like the Sahara. Which used to be wet.
I was absolutely stunned to realize just exactly how lucky I was to be living in the “just right times.” Give thanks to the Goracle and go buy a carbon credit.